Dining Dress Code

Wednesday and Thursday Night Country Club Casual
Friday Nights Main Dining Area - Jacket, No Tie
Bar/ Bar Terrace - Country Club Casual
Saturday Nights Main Dining Area - Jacket, No Tie
Bar/ Bar Terrace - Country Club Casual
Saturday Night Special Events Smart Casual
Sunday Nights (including holiday BBQ’s) BBQ Casual

Jacket, No Tie (and Tie Optional) - Jackets are required for men.

Smart Casual - Gentlemen should wear: dress slacks, khakis or chinos that are pressed, collared dress or golf shirts properly tucked in (regular and mock turtlenecks may be worn in lieu of collared shirts) and dress shoes. Appropriate denim is permitted. Athletic attire and sneakers are not permitted. Women should wear appropriate attire at all times.

Country Club Casual - Includes all “Smart Casual” attire, as well as golf and tennis attire (as defined in this Yearbook), and sneakers.

BBQ Casual - Any appropriate shorts, pants or denim in good condition. Men’s shirts must have collars and sleeves. Women may wear dress t-shirts and tank tops are permitted. Ball caps, hats and visors must be removed when seated inside the Clubhouse at all times and on the terrace for dinner.

Please note: collared shirts are required at all times for men. Tee shirts are not permitted at any time in the dining areas of the Clubhouse or Halfway House. Bathing suits, fitness shorts, bike shorts, riding attire or sports uniforms are not permitted. Jeans must be in good condition without rips or tears and should not be frayed. Baseball type caps are not permitted in the Dining Room or Bar, and when worn elsewhere, should not be worn backward. Shorts should be of an appropriate length. The wearing of towels about the neck or otherwise is not permitted in any public rooms.

Golf Attire

No traditional penetrating metal spikes are permitted on the course or practice areas.

Guests must dress in a manner appropriate to the game and the surroundings, including the practice areas. Men's shorts should be no shorter than just above the knee.Shirts must be tucked in, and must have collars. Mock turtleneck golf shirts are acceptable. Shirts designed to be worn out are permitted to be worn that way. Cargo shirts, shorts or pants with outside pockets, low riders and baggy shorts are not permitted. Women's shirts should have sleeves or a collar. Jeans, bathing attire, T-shirts, short shorts, gym shorts or tennis clothes are not permissible for men or women on the golf course or practice areas. The Caddiemaster is authorized to enforce these rules.

Tennis Attire


Guests must wear all white tennis clothing, with the exception of outerwear which may be any color. Skirts, shorts, ladies tops and men's shirts must be primarily white. Only tennis attire may be worn. Non tennis T-shirts may not be worn. Shirts, shorts, or skirts with patterns, designs, large logos or lettering may not be worn. Shirts without collars are allowed as long as they are designed specifically for tennis. There may be a small amount of non-white trim on clothing. The head pro will have the discretion to determine the appropriate amount. Attire rules apply year round. 

Cell Phone Policy


The use of personal electronic devices ("PED"s) is highly restricted at the Club, so as to respect the privacy, enjoyment and comfort of other Club members and guests. Accordingly, the Club generally distinguishes between the use of PED's for voice communication, as follows.

  • PED's may not be used on the golf course for any purpose (except in the case of an emergency); however, they may be used for non-voice (silent) communications and information at the Half-way House.
  • PED's may be used for non-voice (silent) communication and information in all other areas of the Club except for the living/dining room, bar and dining area on the terrace after dinner service has begun.
  • PED's may not be used for voice communication in any area of the Club except the lower and pool parking lots and the phone booths, which are located in the Club's lobby and locker rooms, or in the case of an emergency.
  • While at the Club, please put your PED in silent mode so as to preserve the Club's social environment and not disturb others.